Monday, October 31, 2011

Quentin poses

This is Quentin. There's actually two of him, his brother's name is Clyde.
He's 22, and a selfproclaimed hairdresser with bipolar disorder. Also an impulsive coward. But a pretty good guy overall, just a little estranged sometimes. 
these are the 8 poses!

and these are the sketches.

And this is how i was trying to get used to drawing his face. Some of those are horrifying, sorry guys.

and this is a little stress relief, there's been lots of that lately.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hands and Feet

Thought i should update! There's only one hour left before i gotta wake up, so i figured there's no point in going to sleep ...
Really shouldn't have left this one till the night before. D:

you can probably spot the ones I did last haha.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Sorry guys, i'm really bad with blogs D: 
I will try to update more often!! 

Just finished the first layout assignment, so i thought i'd share 8)
Character sketches (This is Kims(the girl) and Annie (the gator))
Sketch too see what goes where. I didn't like the shack, so 
I did another...
Anddd another haha. 
And this is the final! 8)

Also, i tried painting. I've always wanted to do lineless paintings. I will do that more often from now on!
It was fun. I am afraid of colours haha.
(This was for the digital tools title page/name tag.)

And lastly, this is some personal character stuff. I will try painting these!

Thanks for looking!